Roulette to play for money online

Playing roulette for money

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Where to play roulette for money online?

On the menu of modern online casinos is not the last place in its popularity takes roulette game online. This is a game of chance, the meaning of which lies in the intuitive determination - on which of the numbered sectors of a dynamic red and black wheel will stop the ball, running the croupier. Roulette was invented as early as the 18th century. The question of who owns its authorship, are still disputed by scientists and researchers. Some are inclined to believe that roulette was invented by the mathematician Blaise Pascal, who tried to create a perpetual motion machine. Others believe that the game of roulette was created by the Blanc brothers - the French, who owned a famous gambling house in Paris. Undoubtedly, roulette game, shrouded in numerous legends, could not fail to interest our contemporaries, who are happy to choose play roulette for money at an online casino.

Roulette to play for money online

Roulette to play for money online

Where to begin for a casino player who wants to learn Play roulette for real money? The session, which is conducted with real money, will require registration and replenishment of the balance. The player should also decide on the size of the bankroll, to allocate an amount that can, in the case of failure, proPlayer without risk to their own pockets.

It is worth remembering that Roulette Online is based on a random number generator. It is a high-tech program that cannot be cheated or influenced in any way by using specific tactics. Therefore, both winning and losing is quite probable.

Follow also decide on the style game roulette for money , with a small money balance aggressive game format session with the commission of large bets is not suitable - because the player will be left without a win, thereby significantly reducing the period of active games.

A beginner who decided to start Play roulette for money , should follow certain rules that will increase their chances:

  1. In any situation in the game, you need to think soberly, do not get upset, do not panic;
  2. You should consider your expenses, stick to the strategy, if it is chosen;
  3. Beginners are advised to prefer a table with small limits - it is smarter to Play on micro stakes.

In general, the absolute beginner is better to test the demonstration game model Roulette, which will allow a more detailed understanding of the rules, betting options. If the player is unlucky, wagering right away is not the best option, as there is a great risk of losing even more.

If a player is interested in certain strategies, it is necessary to study them in detail on thematic portals, and then apply them with small bets. It is best to record the results, record the results (by the way, in many versions of online roulette there is a convenient option "History of bets"). So a beginner will make his own opinion about the action of the strategic rules.

Play roulette for money - exciting entertainment, which is famous in the plots of literary works, movies, where the main characters are happy to make bets and win large sums. Why not try and you?

The basic rules of the game for money roulette online

In order to play successfully and profitably, it is not necessary to learn a whole list of gaming nuances, as in card games. The basic rules of roulette are very simple. So, the session begins with the fact that the dealer offers to make bets to all participants of the game. In online roulette player makes his own bets, choosing the table with the appropriate limit.

The user sees on the screen of the gaming gadget not only a black and red roulette wheel, but also a special field, which looks like a table. On its sectors are placed numbers that coincide with the numbering on the roulette wheel - the variant types of bets.

After the end of the acceptance of money bets, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction, and the white ball is launched in the opposite direction. Naturally, choosing the online version, the user sees that all processes are automated, because online roulette operates on the basis of random number generators. Once the wheel starts spinning, no bets are allowed. Everyone is looking forward to see where the ball will stop - on this principle, the winning number or the played bet on equal chances (characteristics of the number) is chosen.

Experienced users know that roulette has 36 black and red sectors + one or two green ones - "zeros", called "zero". Bets are classified as internal and external. Internal bets win much less often, but they bring solid prizes. For example, it can be a choice of 1 number or a group of numbers.

Outside bets are made on characteristics - red/black, even/odd, big and small numbers, which gives a 50/50 chance. Consequently, making external bets, you will make money much easier, but the prize amount will not be significant. All betting options can be found by selecting a particular roulette simulator and opening the information section. Beginners are advised to play roulette for free by activating a demo version of the popular game.

Types of roulette online

Three modifications of roulette, called "French", "European" and "American", are the most popular among gambling connoisseurs. Versions emerged in different countries: they also differ in the arrangement of numbers on the layout and betting options.

Let's consider the features of American roulette. Firstly, it has 2 zeros - in comparison with French and European models the advantage of the casino will be much bigger, and the player will have less chance to win. The gaming table has 38 cells, while the fields of the other versions under consideration have 37 pieces. Also the playing sectors for chip placement have a different arrangement: first come the "dozens", located near the "columns", and then - the bets on the "equal chances".

If the user chooses live American roulette, he may be surprised by the presence at the table of not only the croupier, but also his assistant. Recall that initially gambling establishments allowed the presence of as many as three dealers at the American roulette table! In addition, in American roulette offline there are no oral bets, and payouts are made, starting with the smallest.

European online roulette has only one green zero sector, which provides half the casino advantage of 2.7% compared to the American - 5.26%. In principle, these versions are very similar to each other, but in case of a zero in the French version, the bet will be transferred to the next set, but not go in favor of the casino, which is called quite originally - the "prison rule". In some cases 1/2 of the bet will be returned to the participants of the game.

European roulette online is the oldest game of chance; the difficulty in mastering it lies in the fact that the names of bets - French, English terminology is rarely used. Also, its playing field is somewhat different from other variants. Oral bets are made only by the croupier - in the case when the player announced them in advance.

The most popular among users European roulette - although it is similar to the French, but this version has English terminology. Choosing Play for money in European roulette, the player must learn: when making bets "0" is never involved. The main difference when paying out bets - the biggest ones are given out first. Also Play is more convenient, thanks to the conditional division of the roulette wheel into 3 sectors for making quick bets.

What online roulette choose a beginner?

Of course, a beginner should choose European roulette, significantly increases his chances of winning. After all, a player visits a casino for the purpose of winning - so why run more unprofitable versions, in which the risk of losing is high? Gambling for money European roulette attracts a reduced casino advantage, using English terminology to refer to certain rules and bets.

The gameplay is as simple and straightforward as possible, making this option the game is preferable for beginners. The gamer activating European roulette, chooses a standard, simple, but spectacular option, which has no additional nuances to study, which is typical for a similar French version. Thanks to a single zero compared to the two zero sectors of the "American", the gameplay will be more profitable and lucrative!